Walton Process Technologies

Autoclaves, Ovens, Presses and Controls for Composite Processing.

Walton Process Technologies is located in the DFW area, making travel to any part of the United States convenient and cost effective.

Many companies can manufacture and install composite materials processing equipment. What makes the Walton team different is their ability to design and integrate autoclaves, ovens, presses and controls to fit the customer manufacturing process.

Autoclaves, Ovens, Presses and Controls for Composite Processing



Controls are always intuitive, laid out and installed for ease of maintenance by customer facilities engineering personnel.

Energy efficient low NOx burner technology is usually specified in new installations. Airflow and ignition can be tricky to control.

WPT has the experience to retrofit low NOx burners into existing equipment, reducing fuel costs and bringing equipment into compliance with current regulations. Please contact us for a site survey and quote, or visit the Walton Process Technologies web-site at:

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