PTM&W Industries

PTM&W Industries, Inc. is located in Santa Fe Springs, CA and is a custom formulator of epoxy and urethane resin systems for tooling, mold making and low rate production applications.

Markets serviced include Aerospace, Industrial, Marine, Foundry and Rapid Prototyping. The photographs shown below illustrate a PTM&W Aerospace customer building a transfer mold on an MD88 engine nose cowl.



First, the cowling is masked off, released and coated with PR1554 aluminum filled surface coat. Tool builders then cut glass fabric

and begin laminating the tool with PR2125 resin.

A 3/8" layer of RT2C is applied, along with another ply of glass cloth and laminating resin.

The completed tool will be used as a master model for a high temperature autoclave mold.

and then converted into a shop drill/trim fixture.

Plastic or "soft" tooling is very fast and quite cost effective. Please contact Southbrook Technologies for a technical evaluation. We will take a look at your application and recommend the appropriate materials for the job. In many cases, we are available to work with and train your shop personnel on site.

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