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Composite Tooling And Process Consulting

Although Southbrook Technologies is most often called upon to provide technical support for products sold by the companies we represent, we also do composite process development and tooling consulting work upon request. The following scan shows an Embraer EMB145 radome and repair mold.

This job required that we first visit with the customer and examine the part (radome) that they were trying to repair. Southbrook Technologies personnel later returned and spent several days training customer composite technicians how to plan, set-up and build the required radome repair mold. Economics are such that a good bond repair mold will often pay for itself with the first repair part.

Resin Infusion or "VARTM" is gaining more attention, due to its low cost and efficiency. Very little scrap material is produced and it is a very clean process. Any shop can learn this technology. All it takes is the correct resin system, standard vacuum bagging materials and inexpensive plumbing supplies from your local hardware store.

No job is too small for composite tooling and sometimes an oven, press or autoclave is not even needed. Shown above are a set of bladder molding tools. The part is laid up on an elastomeric bladder and the tool is assembled around the bladder. When the bladder is pressurized with compressed air, the laminate is tightly consolidated. Great parts can be cured with wet resin at room temperature, or with pre-preg materials in an oven.

Cost to our customers for consulting services is $65.00 per hour, plus actual travel and material expenses. We provide written estimates and detailed billing, along with receipt documentation.

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